Best Time of the Year to Do a Home Renovation In The UK

So you’ve got your home renovation all planned out in your head and you’re ready to start knocking the place into the shape you always dreamed of. Before jumping in, though, it’s worth finding out the best time of year to do a home renovation depending on the project you have in mind. Working with a professional home renovation planner now can save you time, money and stress further down the line. 

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When Is the Best Time of the Year to Do a Home Renovation? 

The best time of the year to do a home renovation in the UK depends on what you want to do. We’ll let you into a trade secret: while some jobs are seasonal, there really isn’t any ‘perfect’ time. Setting a date for your home renovation is more a matter of knowing what you want, when you need it done and, when you could get a good deal.

Sometimes, the wrong time for everyone else could be the right time for you. For example, if you don’t need to live in the property, or can take holidays out of season, you’re in a good position to negotiate at times when contractors’ business is slow. To do this, you’ll need to know when certain projects are in-demand. 

Home Renovations in Spring-Summer 

As a rule, builders prefer to start a home renovation in February-March when days start to get warmer and longer. If you’re building an extension on a house, jobs like pouring concrete and digging foundations are best done when the air is dry and the ground cold (April showers aside, spring is now one of the UK’s drier seasons). Starting in spring also means it’ll be ready by summer, in time to invite people over for a barbeque and admire what you’ve done with the place. 

Best Time of the Year to Do a Home Renovation

Things like patios and decks can also be done in spring when the ground is softer for digging and before you’ll want to use them in summer. Remember, though, that builders are in high demand for these when everyone’s thoughts turn to summer. Plan the work for autumn instead if you want to avoid competition.     

Spring-summer is also the time to get ahead with things you’ll need in winter, like fireplaces or energy efficient home improvements such as insulation or new windows and doors. Booking a specialist now should ensure a better price and faster, more efficient service.  

If you’re going away over summer, scheduling a kitchen or bathroom refit means you won’t have to live without them during the renovation. Bear in mind, though, that these are popular now for this very reason, so book ahead. And if you’re not going to be around, be sure to find a contractor you trust, get all paperwork dealt with in advance and ask a neighbour to keep an eye on things for you. 

Home Renovations in Autumn-Winter 

Winter is good for indoor DIY projects that aren’t weather-dependent and, if you’re contracting out, January is usually quiet, so you should have traders’ undivided attention. However, starting a larger home renovation in December-January isn’t ideal. Supplies can be harder to obtain over Christmas and short days or bad weather mean slow progress.

In the fall, the still-warm weather makes this a good time for outdoor work like painting exteriors, and painters are less in-demand than in summer. Indoor installations and maintenance like, a new boiler system, should also be done outside the summer months when you don’t need to use them. 

If you’re starting a major home renovation in autumn, check your contractor can be finished by Christmas as there’s nothing worse than brushing brick dust off the turkey. However, if you aren’t hosting the family this year, you could take the opportunity to get kitchens or bathrooms renovated during builders’ quieter time. 

Best Time of the Year to Do a Home Renovation  

There’s no right time, just the right time for you 

So, the best time of the year to do a home renovation in the UK comes down to finding the right time for your project. But the best time to start planning is well before that! Talk to your project manager to understand your options, find out how and when you could save and prepare a realistic schedule to ensure work gets done on time and within budget. After all, you’ve waited this long, it’s worth taking a little more time to get it right.

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