Kitchen Renovation Ideas: 5 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house so it should be top of your list if you’re planning a home renovation. Here are a few of our favourite kitchen renovation ideas to inspire you.   

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Kitchen Renovation Costs and Timing

Kitchen renovation costs and timings vary depending on the size, specifics and quality of fixtures and appliances. 

Kitchen Renovation Cost 

If you’re building an extension, a new improved kitchen is a great use of the space. This combined renovation will cost anywhere from £70,000 to £120,000. To renovate the kitchen alone, think £16,000-£25,000. 

Materials, quality and suppliers will also influence the cost. Bespoke elements like cabinets or countertops obviously cost more than off-the-shelf units from a major retailer. Similarly, smart appliances are more expensive than manual ones. 

How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take? 

A kitchen renovation takes 12-16 weeks if done as part of a larger home renovation like an extension. A straightforward, comprehensive renovation in the existing space takes around 4-6 weeks. 

Kitchen Renovation Ideas: 5 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas

There are lots of ways to upgrade your kitchen, from new appliances or cabinets to clever lighting or even an open plan living area.   

1. New Appliances 

These are the most important functional items in your kitchen so shop around for prices but don’t skimp on the quality. You can always compensate by economising on other features. Choose appliances that work with the overall look you want to create. Things like brushed stainless steel go well with a range of finishes and can even be used to give a period-style kitchen a contemporary lift.    

Kitchen Renovation Ideas: 5 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

Connected appliances, controlled by smartphone app, are becoming increasingly popular, and you can see why. Imagine having a fridge that reminds you when food is approaching its use-by date, or a wine cooler you can program from the office so there’s a nice chilled bottle waiting when you arrive home.     

2. Add or Change the Lighting

This is an easy way to completely transform the look and functionality of your kitchen without breaking the bank. Run LED strips under cabinets or along shelves to illuminate the workspace below or your best cookware above. Pendant lights can be used to great effect to illuminate selected areas like the island, breakfast bar or sink, while strategically placed spotlights will transform a dingy corner into an attractive feature. 

Kitchen Renovation Ideas: 5 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

You can even redesign the kitchen layout to let more natural light in, open up dividing walls or install rooflights where possible. Changing the lighting is a great way to add value to your kitchen and stay up to date on renovation trends, without undergoing a huge project. 

3. Update Cabinetry 

Updating cabinetry is a great way to give an outdated kitchen a makeover. Depending on the look you’re after, go for classic styles like white Shaker units, natural materials like wood or modern sleek polished chrome. The options are endless. 

If the original cabinets are worth saving, cosmetic touches like new handles or a fresh coat of paint are an easy, inexpensive way to give them a new lease of life.  

4. Open Plan Kitchen

Open plan living spaces are a popular home refurbishment trend right now and people love the more sociable living they afford. If you can’t build an extension, this is a great way to let more light in and create a feeling of space.

The idea is to feel more connected and create a sense of flow while marking the transition between different areas using elements like a kitchen peninsula, sofas or shelving, etc. Lighting, rugs or even a statement colour wall are good too, but the overall colour pallet and flooring should be consistent throughout to maximize the sense of flow. 

5. Change Out the Countertop 

Upgrading to a classic solid marble or quartz countertop may not be the cheapest kitchen renovation idea but it’s guaranteed to look amazing and will last you years. For added elegance, running an island countertop over the sides and down to the floor will create a stunning continuous ‘waterfall’ effect.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas: 5 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

Butcher block style work surfaces in solid wood are also very popular and work with many kitchen styles. Or you can even add a pop of colour with the countertop and contrast it with neutral shades elsewhere. And don’t forget the shape: if you have space, swapping a boring rectangle for an L-shape peninsula creates an attractive, useful feature.   

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